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Emergency Services

Group 2, Illinois Wing
Civil Air Patrol
Monee, Illinois



7 NOV 2022

Warning Order: REQ-23-0678 for 10 DEC 2022


1. Situation: 

Background:   Group 2 continues its monthly Emergency Services Training Day on 10 DEC 22.  Limited Ground Operations, Air Operations and Incident Command Post Operations are active.

Group 2 Cadets and Senior Members are highly encouraged to participate.  

The 10 DEC 22 Training Day Plan includes scenario-based Ground/UDF and Aircrew Mission Essential Task List (METL) activities.  In addition, MSA, MRO, uSAS, Mission Safety Officer and other ICP Command and Support Staff training and operational qualification takes place provided SETs are available to supervise the training.

ICP opens at approximately 0730; Ground Team Operations run from 0800 to 1200; Air Operations and Communications run all day depending on the availability of aircraft and aircrews, and the ability of the IC and AOBD to support the air operations.  

Group 2 ground teams, aircrews and ICP Staff members, please register for this training NLT than Wednesday, 07 DEC 2022 at the link below:


a. Area of Interest:  Group 2 Area of Response - Northeastern Illinois.

b. Area of Operations:  Ground Team and Aircrew Operations take place at one of several suitable areas near Group 2 HQ.  Air Operations generally take place from South Suburban Airfield (Bult Field), the Lansing, IL airport or the home base of the aircraft requested.

c. Nature of the Event:  Group 2 members respond to a planned training day scenario.   The ICP is located in Monee, IL at the Group 2 HQ.

d. Other Units:  NA

e. Attachments and Detachments:  None

f. Assumptions:  On-site METL ground sorties take place according to planned and published training day scenarios.   Aircrew operations take place from Bult Field, Lansing or the location of available aircraft according to planned and published training day scenarios.  ICP Staff members support the ground and aircrew training as well as ICP Trainees throughout the day.


2. Mission: 

Illinois Wing Group 2 conducts its monthly ES Training Day on 10 DEC 22, in the vicinity of Monee, Illinois, to allow Group 2 personnel to progress toward UDF Team, GTM/GTL, Aircrew or ICP Staff operational proficiency, qualification or requalification in mission support specialties, and working towards uSAS drones. 


3. Execution:

a. Commander’s Intent:  Provide Emergency Services Training Opportunities to Group 2 personnel through a regularly scheduled monthly training day. 

 Air operations are conducted throughout the day depending on aircraft, aircrews and funding.  

ICP staff training is conducted throughout the mission operational period provided there is a qualified SET to supervise the training.

b. Concept of Operations:  

On 10 DEC 22, training is provided by:

Group 2 METL activities.  

          Aircrews must arrange training sorties with the assigned Air Operations Branch Director, AOBD.

c. Scheme of Movement:  Member rally point is Group 2 Headquarters in Monee, IL.  Transportation is provided by the members themselves or parent/guardian.  Any last minute changes are communicated just prior to the Training Day.  Watch for e-mail notifications.

d. Scheme of Intelligence:  The Planning Section performs map reconnaissance of potential areas to be involved in the training scenarios prior to finalizing training sorties.

e. Scheme of Force Protection:  Current CAP, CDC and Illinois State COVID-19 guidance apply.  Masks are required indoors (if Will County is in ORANGE range for COVID-19).  A mission safety briefing is provided.  Ground/UDF Team and Aircrew Sortie briefings are provided.  Separate Communications Briefings are required.

f. Risk Assessment:  A Risk Analysis is performed to mitigate Situational Hazards and Environmental Considerations.  A preliminary Go/No-Go decision for the in-person Training is made on Thursday, 08 DEC 22 based on weather conditions forecasted for 10 DEC 22 and current Covid 19 conditions as of 09 DEC 2022.

g. Tasks to Subordinate Units:  Unit Commanders and ES Officers shall encourage unit participation by cadets and senior members.  Personnel (students and instructors/SETs) are requested to sign up on the link near the top of the Warning Order by Wednesday, 08 DEC 2022 to allow scenario planners sufficient time to properly plan for successful training.

h. Coordinating Instructions:  Ground/UDF Team, Aircrew and ICP Training begins promptly with Opening Formation at 0800 on 10 DEC 22.   Members sign-in promptly upon arrival.  Mission staff personnel open their sections and begin operations.  Ground teams begin completing sortie paperwork, inspecting ground team vehicles and checking individual gear and team/vehicle equipment for presence and functionality.  Aircrews must coordinate rally point logistics among themselves prior to the sortie and must obtain sortie taskings through AOBD and Communications briefings.

i.  Notification:  All members participating in the on-site training are requested to sign into the mission prior to departing from their home locations and send a text message to Lt Col Gross with their departure location, time of departure, ETA in Monee and last name. 

 At the conclusion of the training, personnel are requested to send a text message to Lt Col Gross indicating Arrived home safely, last name.  


Departing Plainfield 0600. ETA at Monee 0700. Jones 

Arrived home safely. Jones

NOTE:  Members signing up for the training day are committing to attend and participate.  If for some last minute reason you cannot attend, please contact Lt Col Gross by text or by e-mail to let him know you will not be there.  If you do not show up by 0800, we will begin actively contacting you, your parents/guardian, your squadron commander, the sheriff’s department, etc. and begin a missing person search to look for you.

4. Logistics:

a. Logistics/Sustainment:  

1) Transportation to and from Group 2 HQ or other designated Rally Point is provided by members themselves or by family members.  

2) Uniform of the day: ABUs for cadets and seniors who meet the weight and grooming standards.  Blue Corporate Utility Uniform or gray pants/polo shirt combination for senior members.  Aircrew members may wear flight suits.

3) Members shall dress for the weather (expect any variety of temperatures).  Check the weather forecast the day prior to the training and be prepared for adverse conditions.

4)  Beginning in April, the Group 2 Training Day extends to 1400.  All personnel are encouraged to bring a light lunch that can be eaten in the field.

b. Personnel:  Non-contact Temperature checks will be performed per CAP guidelines.    Members shall stay home if they show any signs of being sick.  This activity is subject to postponement or cancellation if ILWG moves back to Phase 1.  At-risk members will review CAP and ILWG guidelines on participation in any in-person activities.  Masks are required indoors.

c. Health System Support:  Revised National CAP Covid guidelines are followed.  Vehicles and Aircraft are sanitized according to CAP Guidelines. Extra masks and hand sanitizer are provided for the on-site training and task validation.  Notify your team leader of any special medical conditions you may have.  The ICP maintains an ICS Form 206 listing the nearest medical facilities and EMS responders.

5. Command and Signal

a. Command:  Lt Col M Poteete serves as the Incident Commander for the 10  22 Training Day.

b. Control:  VHF radios and /or ISR radios are used during ICP, transportation and field training operations.

c. Communications/Signal:  Standard VHF communications and cell phones for coordination as needed.


//Signed// Lt Col Mike Poteete, Group 2 Commander

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