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Group 2 Patch

Unit Insignia


Group 2, Illinois Wing (IL-016)

United States Air Force Auxiliary/Civil Air Patrol



In azure, Pegasus argent rising towards a mullet argent, springing from a "2" Or, surrounded by a Bordure Or.  The "2" represents Group 2, Illinois Wing.  The unit is the support from which Pegasus depends in order to launch a successful rescue mission.

The background is "Azure", or Ultramarine Blue, to represent devotion.  In this design it signifies devotion to duty.

Pegasus represents the dual nature of the CAP's ground and air search-and-rescue functions. "Argent," or silver, represents charity and faith.  In this design faith a rescue will succeed. Pegasus faces "dexter" or to the right in strict heraldic convention.

The "mullet argent," or Silver Star, is emblematic of the North Star, symbolic of the critical navigation function in search-and-rescue operations.  In this design the Silver Star represents "test of truth" that is, the "due diligence" in finding the true course to rescue.

The entire emblem is surrounded by a Bordure "Or" or Gold, symbolizing Honor.  

In this design it represents Honorable Service.

The motto, "Primus Aut Nullus," is Latin, literally meaning "First or Not at All."  A more practical and useful translation is "Second to None."

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